Thursday, 23 February 2012

Imitation- the highest form of flattery (so why's no one imitating me!)

I always find it funny that, while many adults would love to be younger than what they are, children cannot wait to grow older.

Shakeel proudly brags that next year he'll be 14 - when he hasn't even reached his 13th birthday this year yet! This really freaks me out, since he informed me that I will be 40 next year! I had to remind him that I'm not even 39 yet - so stop making me feel older than what I am!

I always remind them to savour their youth - and, in particular, their childhood. I want them to appreciate and make the most of every moment while they're experiencing it, so as never to have to look back with regret.

But I suppose it's normal for children to play games in which they emulate grown-ups. In my childhood games, I always wanted to be the teacher (emulating my parents and school teachers), a detective (thanks to my obsession with Nancy Drew) and a shopkeeper (I have no idea why).

One morning I saw Nuha (7) holding her tiny chalkboard (15 - 20 cm wide) on her left palm, while punching at it with the fore-finger of her right hand. Was she trying to kill ants which had crawled onto her board? What on earth was she doing? Her dad, with a smile on his face, then informed me that she was working on her Galaxy Tab. The smile, no doubt, was because she was emulating him.

I caught her at it again this morning before school

I thought it was cute, but embarrassingly, I couldn't help but wonder why she was not wanting to be more like her mommy. Why was she not copying me? I hadn't seen her pretending to cook or changing her teddy bears' nappies in quite a while. I'd never seen her yelling, "Do your homework or you'll never see a TV again!" at her dolls. What was wrong with what I do? Am I not cool enough?

But I decided to stop being such a baby and to be supportive of her new favourite activity instead. So I went up to her, saying,

"Wow! You look busy".

She nodded without looking up.

"Are you typing out a document for work? Or are you doing schoolwork?" I asked, stepping into her world of make-believe.

"No, I'm blogging," she replied without looking up.

I beamed with happiness.

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