Sunday, 12 February 2012

My weekend scare

Friday evening

> enjoyed seafood braai (crayfish and prawns) with stir-fried veg, mealies and garlic bread
> Mo and I were treated to an entertaining play (comedy) performed by twelve year old Shakeel and his friend Caleb in the lounge. Very funny- those two are so talented. Mo and I were in stitches.

Saturday morning

> Watched in helpless horror as my hubby held his head in both hands with tears streaming down his face with pain
> Got the kids ready for karate. It was 'buddy day', so they were all allowed to bring with a buddy who does not belong to the club. Shakeel brought Caleb, Tharaa (10) and Nuha (7) took their two young cousins.
> Convinced Mo that he needed to see a doctor. Panicked silently, since he has recently been under tremendous stress at work and has also been diagnosed as suffering from high blood pressure. Had to stop myself from thinking the worst.
> On our way to drop the kids, Mo leaned out of the car- vomiting. Then I became really worried.
> After dropping kids at karate, we headed to the doctor. Mo lay in a bed in the back room as he was unable to sit in the waiting room.
> She checked his vitals- all seemed normal. Then he started to vomit profusely. She insisted that we go to the Emergency Room immediately.
> Dropped Mo off at the Emergency Room, then headed back home to fetch kids at karate.
> Received a call from Mo a few hours later- he'd been released. Arrived at the hospital to find him sitting outside on the pavement- in a hurry to get home.
> Kept kids quiet all afternoon as Mo slept off the effects of the pethidine.
> He woke up feeling okay- and then proceeded to prioritise his to-do list. I look on helplessly as my warnings of 'Take it easy- lie down and sleep' fell on deaf ears.
> Luckily the pethidine had not worn off completely- he then fell asleep again. Awoke feeling better. He's been told to visit a neurologist for further examination. Hopefully this was just a severe migraine (due to stress). But we'll find out more when he sees the neurologist.
> I accompany him to the office (because I know his mind is there, but I know that with us waiting in the car, he cannot stay inside and work for long)
> We come home and we get to bed at a reasonable time

He sleeps restlessly- I know he's thinking about work.


> Mo leaves for the office just before 08:00 this morning. I'm left with kids, which normally wouldn't bother me (I'm used to him working ridiculous hours). Don't know why I'm feeling so down today.
> Prepare and serve lunch (lasagne)
>Help Tharaa with some Geography studying.
> Cut Nuha and Aisha (2)'s fringes (who said zig-zag fringes can't be cute?)

Now I'm waiting for my mom, brothers, sister-in-law and their kids to come for a visit.

Feeling too depressed to write full sentences.

But I know that this feeling will pass. It's probably being caused by the fact that I've been too busy to process the huge shock I had yesterday with Mo getting sick- and the realisation that I will be at a complete loss if something should happen to him. I hate this feeling of powerlessness.

I should feel better after I get some quiet time to myself- whenever that may be.

Edited post ( hours later)
So as it turns out, it wasn't quiet time to myself I needed to help ease my depression- it was a wonderful few hours with my family. Laughing. Talking utter nonsense. Eating chocolates and sipping tea.
Shakeel and Caleb treated us to another performance of their show- once again, they were hilarious. I couldn't believe how uninhibited and confident Shakeel was. This friend seems to have a really positive effect on him in that way.

We just returned from our Sunday evening prayer meeting, which was rather beautiful. My already-lifted spirits soared.

I shall be spending a quiet evening with Mo before he has to head back to work at 03:00 tomorrow morning. Although we both can't wait for this project on which he is working to end, we are both feeling less stressed and more peaceful right now.

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