Sunday, 26 February 2012

Brother and sister time

It was so lovely to receive a surprise visit from my brother and his three kiddies yesterday morning. The house was filled with excited shrieks, little feet racing up and down the passage and hysterical boisterous laughter. Pure unadulterated joy.

Shakeel (12) had been invited to a birthday celebration of one of his best friends, Sipho. Mo took him at the local mall to meet up with a few friends. They would all be going to the movies together. Our initial response to him being allowed to go had been ''no'', since we do not allow our kids to walk around unaccompanied by an adult. But since it was then decided that Sipho's dad would be accompanying the kids, we gave in.

At home, the girls and their cousins played the Playstation 3 Motion (like a Wii). It was terrifying to watch, as the youngest two kept running close to the person playing - who was usually swinging the motion controller around like a crazy person - in their quest to slay their opponents in the gladiator championships. Both 2 year old Aisha and my 1 year old nephew narrowly escaped being smacked against the head with the motion controller numerous times. Was I relieved when they stopped playing that game!

My brother and I sat chatting about life, family, religion, etc. while sipping tea. It was lovely - I enjoyed having such a long time to talk to him. It was enlightening, uplifting and soothing. He even managed to go the entire conversation without mocking the size of my head (yes, we still behave like 10 year olds when we get together).

When sis-in-law joined us, we started to prepare for an imprompu braai / barbeque. I made accompanying macaroni and cheese while she prepared a yummy potato salad. They stayed until about 21:30, by which time the smaller ones were pretty exhausted.

After seeing them off, we hopped into the car to accompany Mo to fetch Shakeel. As expected, Shakeel was miserable when he got into the car. Mo had already received the usual call from his friend to request our permission for Shakeel to sleep over. As usual our response was that we do not allow our kids to sleep out. When he got into the car Shakeel begged and pleaded to be dropped off this morning again, but since we have plans, we refused. The poor child sat up until past eleven doing Mathematics and Natural Science studying and has been doing the same since 08:00 this morning. All in in the hopes of being allowed to spend the rest of the day with his buddies.

So, perhaps we'll drop him off later (after he accompanies us to a family day event). Let's hope his friends haven't all left for home by then.

Time to get ready for a day of socialising (and listening to my son's nagging voice saying, ''When are we leaving? Can we go now?'')

Looking forward to it.

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