Thursday, 9 February 2012

Turfs or Barney- the impossible choice

Two year old Aisha has developed a liking to the Smurfs. No, they have not ousted Barney- not by a long shot. But she now will occasionally ask to watch 'Turfs' as well.

Cleverly, I got her to associate the one TV with watching Barney and the other with watching Smurfs. In this way there would always be a free TV for someone else to watch, since she couldn't possibly dominate 2 TV's simultaneously.

Or so I'd thought.

Yesterday she insisted that she wanted Smurfs to play on the one TV and Barney on the other. Sometimes she ran from one room to the other- most of the time she wasn't even paying attention to either; she just wanted to know that if she felt like watching either one, she would just have to step into whichever room it was playing.

This carried on for about 45 minutes, when I decided to put my foot down.

Me: "Aisha, you cannot watch 2 TVs. Choose- do you want to watch Smurfs or Barney?"

Aisha: "Turfs AND Barney!!"

Me: "You cannot watch both- it's either Smurfs or Barney. I'm putting one off".

Aisha (raising her voice in protest): Noooo, don't put off Turfs and Barney. Want Turfs and Barney!!"

Me (becoming really impatient): "Aisha, stop being silly!"

Aisha (escalating tantrum voice): "Aisha not silly- I cute!!!"

No arguments here.


Yumna said...

Yes,cute, but Mommy are you not making it difficult for yourself if you did giev in. I know it's not easy but don't allow her to get away with it.

Yumna (yr coz)

themotherblogger said...

I know, the child has me wrapped around her little finger these days. She has me dancing to her tune by throwing her tantrums, on the one hand- and flashing her cute smiles on the other.