Monday, 6 February 2012


What a strange sensation I'm experiencing. This refreshing chilly breeze against my skin as I sit at an open window in my summer nightie sipping my first cup of green tea for the day.

All the windows have been opened to allow the delicious cool air to permeate throughout the house, exhaling all the stifling hot air of the past few days. I love this feeling of renewal.

None of the kids had their winter fleecy school tops this morning. All three of them lost their tops at school during the course of last winter. The question is- do we simply replace their lost tops or let them freeze a bit to teach them a lesson in caring for your belongings. That seemed like a good idea this morning when they were being annoying, but now that I'm sitting here missing them, I'm worrying about them- hoping they will be okay.

I should probably gather all the glue, crayons and paper for some indoor craft fun with 2 year old Aisha. She might not understand why she cannot swim in her plastic pool today or water the plants (and herself) with the garden hose. I shall have to draw on every bit of creativity I can muster to make being indoors seem appealing to her.

Okay, as refreshing and revitalising as this is, I can no longer deny it- I'm slowly turning into an ice-block. Off to grab a jacket and thick woolly socks.

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