Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Special moments on Aisha's birthday

Aisha turned 3 on Wednesday (last week). We did not have a big party, but made her day special in little ways.

Her dad bought her a (cheap) princess set comprising a crown, skirt, earrings, a necklace (which could not fit over her head) and a bangle (which I snapped while trying to put it on her arm). She glowed with joy at her gift.

Shakeel (13) could not contain his excitement and pride as his little sister paraded about in her princess attire. He insisted on snapping as many pics as possible (while he was supposed to be studying for his Maths exam).

Aisha with Elizabeth, our domestic worker

 And...the princess on her throne

Although we had decided to postpone giving her actual birthday present until her and Tharaa (10)'s joint birthday party this coming Friday, Nuha (7) insisted on giving her her gifts on her actual birthday.

 The older kids reminisced about the past three years, by showing Elizabeth video clips of Aisha as a baby.


We had an unscheduled supper at Canal Walk, where the kids had McDonalds, while Mo and I revelled in our newfound love affair with Thai food.

 I just love how a tub of bubbles can keep kids occupied for ages (allowing us to enjoy our meal in peace).


We got home and had a little party, where I surprised the kids with my homemade cake pops.

It was a simple day filled with special moments.

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