Friday, 30 November 2012

Left behind with Aisha - the kids head off to karate camp

Earlier this evening I said my goodbyes to my older 3 kids, as they headed out to their annual karate retreat.
Training started at 19:00 tonight and ended at 21:00. It will resume at 07:00 tomorrow morning and continue until 17:00 when the students will get an opportunity to grade.
This is the second gusuku  upon which they've embarked. Although they had tremendous fun last year, they were a bit anxious this afternoon, since, this time around, they are fully aware of the amount of pain, hard work and endurance the next 24 hours will entail.
And that applies to me too, as I am left behind to keep Aisha (3) entertained ALL BY MYSELF.
In fact I pity myself more than I do them. Aisha can inflict more anguish and torment than any brutal training regime their sensei can mete out.
And I won't even receive new stripes or a different colour belt as reward for my suffering.
Here are pics of their 2011 gusuku. I hope they have as much fun this year.


The girls enjoying a well-deserved break (with a majestic Table Mountain in the background)

Shakeel training with one of the sempai's.


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