Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Boobie love

So after my first unsuccessful attempt at weaning (described here), Aisha (2.5 years!!) is pretty much back on the breast. More frequently and for longer periods than before the weaning attempt, during which she was off the breast for all of 12 hours.

She has since been attached to them with all the passion of someone who had just been reunited with her long-lost love - refusing to let them out of her grip.

A few days ago I sat breastfeeding her (filled with shame). Feeling frustrated at my failure at weaning, I started to scold and nag at her about how unacceptable it was that she was still breastfeeding at her age. (I have no idea what it was meant to accomplish - as if she'd unlatch, thoughtfully nod her head, jump off my lap and consider herself weaned).

''You are a big girl now. You shouldn't be drinking from mommy's boobies. No more boobies for Aisha!''

Without unlatching she shook her head profusely, indicating her disagreement - then gave me the thumbs-up sign which she uses while breastfeeding to say ''Is everything okay? / Are we good?''

But I refused to give up.

''Boobies are yucky. No more boobies for Aisha. Yucky boobies'', I persisted.

At which point she unlatched rapidly, cupping one of the boobies in her hand (as if to protect it from being exposed to my insulting words) and said, ''Not yucky boobies. Nice boobies''. Then tilting her head, staring at the object of her affection with an endearing smile, she said, ''Aah, my cutie-pie'', before latching on again, as if happy that she had been able to reassure them of her undying love.

Last night Aisha and I reunited after having been apart for about four hours (during which I had dropped and fetched the older kids at madrassah, cooked, helped the older kids with homework and served supper). I reached out to hug her and kiss her chubby cheeks, when she pushed me back slightly - to lift up my t-shirt. ''Oh, my babies!'' she said before attacking one while holding the other in her loving embrace.

How on earth am I going to end this love affair?


se7en said...

I popped over to browse your blog, love your adventures!!! And you have a clever little one!!! Did you know that the World Health recommends nursing at least until your child is 2 and the average of weaning the world over is about four rather than as people think - about one!!! There is a fabulous book on nursing toddlers, see if you can get hold of it:

themotherblogger said...

Hello se7en. Thank you so much. I definitely will see if I can get hold of that book. I am quite lost when it comes to nursing and weaning a toddler - I hadn't nursed the others beyond a few months.

I'm really flattered that you popped over to my blog - you have no idea how inspiring your posts have been to me. I often leave your blog feeling a mixture of awe, inadequacy, amazement and inspiration!