Saturday, 7 April 2012

Enjoying Deer Park serenity and side-stepping poo in Sea Point Park

On Thursday afternoon we took the kids to Deer Park . As always, I was in awe of the breathtaking scenery - not only of the Park itself, but even as we drove through the leafy suburb of Vredehoek, above which Deer Park is situated.

Since I'd been too lazy to pack a decent healthy lunch, our picnic lunch consisted of a lovely greasy meal purchased at the KFC in Gardens.

But we did not laze around for long after spotting this fellow crawling across the lawn. As cute as he was, I could not shake the feeling that he was crawling up my thigh.

The kids wasted no time before going off exploring.

It is remarkable that the serenity of this relatively unspoiled lush Park can (unbeknown to many) be found within such close proximity to the city centre.

Cape Town CBD in the background

The plush suburb of Tamboerskloof seen to the right

We made our way to the lazy little stream (the amount of water and flow usually depends on how much rain there had been). Despite the fact that there was not as much water as there usually is in the wetter months, the kids enjoyed themselves immensely (I have mentioned in previous posts how my kids really need little more than a puddle of water to keep themselves amused.

Aisha wasted no time before shedding her clothes.

Shakeel spent much of the time moaning at the fact that I would not let him bring home a tadpole to live with our goldfish in our little rock pond.

Soon Aisha could not resist dunking her head in the water.

And then the bigger girls too couldn't remain fully clothed

Once we left Deer Park, we headed to Sea Point park for some fun in the sun.

What a lovely day we had enjoying some of the gems our beautiful city has to offer.

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