Monday, 16 April 2012

Challenging the waves on a rainy day

On Sunday last week Mo and I were planning to spend the lovely rainy day indoors with the family. By lunch time however, the kids' arguments and nagging were driving us nuts.

Mo suggested that we take the kids to Sea Point, taking along our home-made lunch to be enjoyed in the car while watching the waves.  I had made mince curry and bought roti, which was easy to convert into a lunch 'to go' by simply rolling the steaming fragrant curry in the roti's -  forming a curry wrap called a salomie.

When we arrived in the car park overlooking the sea, the kids could barely contain their excitement, as the roar of the huge ferocious waves filled one with awe and exhiliration. So after managing to take a few obligatory bites of their carefully-prepared lunches, they dashed out of the car and onto the promenade, where some families were enjoying lazy icy walks, while trying to stay out of the way of the hard-core fitness junkies out for their daily run.

Shakeel (12 at the time) and Tharaa (10) took a few tentative steps toward the railings, before realising that the section beneath the railings was extremely slippery. The thunderous terrifying roar of the ocean was sufficient to cause them to come to their senses and step back a meter or two. They were beside themselves with excitement.

The rapidity with which these gigantic waves approached the land caused them to crash over onto the promenade and sometimes even onto the parked cars! 

I couldn't resist stepping out of the car and into the rain. The thrill, the excitement, the inexplicable allure of perceived danger - absolutely irresistable.

A calmer moment of the sea- capture from the safety of the car

I carefully peered over the edge at the swirling frothy waters beneath. Fascinating. Beautiful. And for some reason - mouthwatering.

The spray as it hits the wall

The kids were absolutely drenched. Even 7 year old Nuha put aside her fear of a potential tsunami long enough to participate in the game of chasey which her siblings were playing with the waves.

Shakeel, resourceful as ever, retrieved a towel (in which his resourceful mommy had rolled the salomies to keep them warm) from the car - using it to protect himself from the spray. Very soon the towel, too was sodden.

But soon Nuha injured her foot in the game of chasey and ended up sitting in the car weeping pitifully. Her unsympathetic siblings carried on playing unperturbed by their little sister's injury.

Soon after Nuha's injury we left for home. But not before stopping off at McDonalds for an ice-cream - the perfect medicine to assist Nuha to overcome the pain of her injury. As usual, it worked like a charm.

''And where was two-year old Aisha all this time?'' you might be wondering.

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