Monday, 6 August 2012

Tharaa - Netball Player of the Tournament

On Saturday morning 10 year old Tharaa participated in her first netball tournament in which six schools played each other in a round robin format.

She was incredibly nervous. Being one of the tiniest on her own team has never bothered her. But seeing the size of their competitors had her completely panicked. Many of them towered head and shoulders above her. Next to them she looked so tiny and vulnerable - I was so worried that my little baby (because that's what she looked like next to them) would get trampled.

But she held her own - beautifully. One of the other parents nicknamed her ''Glue-fingers'' because no matter how the ball was passed to her, she managed to catch (and hold onto it) effortlessly. She was also responsible for one of her school's very few goals.

Which is probably why her school's coach chose her to be their school's Player of the tournament. (Each school coach selected one player from her own team to receive this award).

Being awarded her prize

And no one was prouder than her sister.

With a proud and gushing Nuha (7)

Congratulations Tharaa. We are really really proud of you!

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