Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Naruto, butterfly, feline and girly inspired face painting fun

Recently the kids staved off their Ramadan hunger pangs by becoming creative using face paint.

Tharaa did the face painting. Both Aisha (2)'s and Shakeel (13)'s designs were inspired by Naruto, the adolescent ninja in a Japanese animated series,  in Shakeel's case - because Naruto Playstation games are among his latest obsessions, and in Aisha's case - well, because she's 2 years old and was therefore not given much of a choice.


 Nuha, who is more capable of asserting herself and making her own choices than her poor baby sister is, opted for a butterfly design. 

Tharaa, herself, opted for what appears to be a cat design

Later the girls just enjoyed some girly face painting fun


Fahranaaz said...

Very creative way of passing the time. With a little boy of my own now... I should keep this in mind. (My husband says Naruto is the best Anime EVER he's watched all episodes from day 1)

Savouring mommy moments said...

In that case my son will consider your DH to be the coolest adult ever.