Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Family weekend getaway to Shelley Point

 Along with Mum-in-law, sister-in-law and her family, we spent this past weekend at a luxurious holiday house at a seaside golf estate in Shelley Point. The kids were so excited - they couldn't wait to be with their beloved cousins for every waking moment of the day.

The house has a pool and outside jacuzzi and the kids couldn't wait to hop right in. However after managing to dip a toe into the freezing pool water, Shakeel (13) announced that he would be avoiding the pool altogether and headed straight to the hot tub. The rest of the kids did the same, with Mo being forced to hop in too to act as lifeguard for the littlies.


Our bedroom balcony overlooked the golf course. Absolutely lovely.

  The house is about a five-minute walk from the beach.

Nuha (7)

Tharaa (10)

 Shakeel, our aspiring paleontologist, was convinced that some of the bones on the beach had fossilised. But since he couldn't manage to convince anyone that the rock in his hand was in fact a fossil, he started to look for animal remains on the beach instead. There were so many lying around - he excitedly renamed the beach ''The Boneyard''.


So lovely - I wish I could go back

Mum-in-law a.k.a Maama

Shakeel spent much of his time chasing after the deer and rabbits, which ran about on the estate. (Sadly the pictures he managed to capture of the deer were very blurred). 

Driving back home we couldn't resist stopping off to snap an additional few pics. 

It truly was a wonderful getaway, which sadly seemed to be over within the blink of an eye. I would love to return during the summer. 

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Thecolouredfulwife said...

Wow, what a great trip you all had...glad you had so much fun.