Friday, 13 July 2012

While I watch the clock

When I was working full-time, I was the type of employee who would execute instructions just as soon as they were issued, complete duties before they were due and just generally be on top of things. In my personal life I'm the exact opposite - I am the worst procrastinator ever.

You might know that Muslims fast during the month of Ramadaan. We fast for the entire month except days we are sick or when women have their period. These days have to be 'repaid' (by fasting)before the next Ramadaan. The more disciplined and sensible of us will do it as soon as possible - some women repay their days owing immediately after the Ramadaan. I admire those women...

..because I am one of those women who leaves the repayment until a few days before the next Ramadaan. I keep putting it off for another time - there is always an excuse to postpone it (summer-time, kids' exams, Aisha (2) teething etc etc). As a result, I end up fasting my days owing RIGHT BEFORE the actual fasting month starts.

That is exactly what is happening this year. Ramadaan starts next Saturday, 20 July 2012 and I have been fasting for the past three days. I will take a break this weekend (oh, because that's another one of my usual excuses) and then resume fasting the remaining 3 days next week again - leaving me with only two days to prepare physically for the fast. As usual I feel like punching myself.

But, on a positive note, I have been starting to feel so much better since starting my fast. Remember my healthy eating programme about which I was bragging a few weeks ago? Well, that pretty much ended soon after it began. Although I must say, I still incorporate the vegetable and protein dishes into my daily diet, unfortunately I have also increased my intake of chocolates and chips (oooh chips - I'm so hungry right now with 3 more hours to go until iftaar, when I can break my fast).

In fact I had been starting to feel really bloated and uncomfortable. I had heartburn all the time - I stopped wearing a bra because it made the burning sensation unbearable by making me want to puke.

For the first day of my fast, the burning sensation was still there. I drank 750 ml of water the morning, as well as my green tea and then another 750ml after iftaar, followed by another two mugs of herbal tea over the next few hours. I also increased my portions of veggies, fruit and protein (slightly).

Believe it or not, both the burning sensation and bloated feeling had vanished yesterday (day 2) and after supper I felt so good that I had enough energy to return to the gym  (after a few disgusting lazy weeks). Don't get me wrong - I still feel hungry enough to eat my own hand, but at least I feel healthier, lighter and more energised than the duracell bunny.

Once again, I'm trying very hard to reduce - though not eliminate completely - my intake of sugar. It really is challenging for me, but now that I'm getting out of the rut into which I keep falling, I'm feeling more motivated.

And on that positive note - let me return to what I was doing before I started this post - staring at the clock.


mariam said...

lol yep that is a dirty habit nuh.Waiting for the last few weeks before fast to pay in your days :)
I simply love your makes me wishe I went for more kids..go well In Shaa Allah :)

themotherblogger said...

Thanks Mariam. Once again I undertake to DEFINITELY pay in my days immediately after Ramadaan. But somehow I have a feeling that isn't going to happen :)