Thursday, 12 July 2012

So this is what they've been up to

You might have noticed that I've been rather quiet since the start of the school holidays, since this is a period we stay-at-home moms spend all of our time feeding kids, cleaning poo, refereeing arguments and listening to complaints (especially the nerve-grating whine, ''I'm bored. There's nothing to do'')

But, happily, we have had many special moments this holiday. Here are some of the activities with which we have been busy this June holiday.

Playing with our furry and feathery friends

 Being delighted by visits from friendly sparrows

Visiting neighbouring dorpies (small towns)....
Victoria Dam in Paarl

View from the Paarl Mountain Nature Reserve

....where we sang and danced in the rain

We also went away for the weekend as described here . And when we got back home we spent time writing and drawing about the highlights of that lovely (albeit much-too-short) getaway.

 We also caught up on our reading - though I would have preferred us to do so much more of this activity.

Tharaa (10) became adventurous with her milky art - which she cleaned up as promised.
Tharaa's birth date (written in milk!)

Although we did not spend much time on money-guzzling activities, (like visits to the movies and kiddies shows) the kids have enjoyed their holiday thus far. We are in fact sad that it's nearing its end. We had better savour every remaining second.

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