Thursday, 5 January 2012

Does this mean I'm potty training?

I interrupt my normal scheduled blogging (i.e. gushing about all the dizzying holiday fun we've been having despite being too late to book a holiday away) to make the following announcement:

Since about 13:00 this afternoon, Aisha has peed on the toilet five times. I repeat- FIVE times.

Okay, I should probably add that she also peed on the floor twice. And that she did not actually say that she wanted to pee, and that she very likely is unaware when she is about to pee, since those FIVE times were as a result of us putting her on the toilet and leaving her there until she peed. And that as soon as we put a nappy back on later, she did not warn us when she had to pee, but simply then just proceeded to pee in the nappy.

Hmm, all of a sudden those FIVE times do not seem that impressive any longer.

Okay, but it's a first step, I suppose. But the first step to what? I had no intention of potty training now. In fact I'm not even using the word 'potty training' to describe this afternoon's phenomenon. It was more a way of preventing annoying puddles all over the place, since she kept pulling off her nappy (it was one of the last of a pack which is just about too small for her).

I'm not even sure I want to potty train now. Yes, I understand the cost implications of having a baby on nappies. But I also remember what a pain in the butt it is to have your eagerly anticipated steaming prawns platter placed in front of you at Jimmy's Killer Prawns; just to hear your toddler's whiny voice saying, "Mommy, I need to pee".

Which I will try to ignore at first- best to devour as much of my prawns while it's hot. Leaving my platter behind unguarded with prawn-loving Mo and Shakeel around would just be foolish. So I pretend to ignore the whiny toddler- risky, I know- until the next appeal (usually more urgent, this time). "Mommy I need to pee. Please take me to the toilet!"

Believe it or not, this is still a regular occurrence with seven-year old Nuha. I swear she has a bladder the size of a peanut. Am I ready to go through this with two kids? Probably not. But if she shows an interest in persisting with whatever this is, I will not discourage her.

The older kids are actually the ones encouraging her. They treat it like a game- as if it'd make a cool party trick. Firstly the girls sat on the toilet, while Aisha watched how each one peed (Disgusting, but true). This was accompanied by running commentary, "See Aisha- all you do is press (accompanied by pressing/pushing sounds) and, see- pee comes out. Now your turn!"

Each successful attempt was met with clapping, dancing and celebrating. I hope she won't be expecting this each and every time she pees. She is sure to be in for a major let-down when she starts primary school and no one jumps up and down with excitement each time she comes from the toilet. And if this persists she'll most likely expect a street parade the first time she poo's in the toilet.

Anyway, all this is very likely much ado about nothing- which is fine. Just thought it would make a nice memory for us to look back on one day when she's older- or a lovely story to share with any boy who visits looking for a first date.

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