Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Bliss- on a school afternoon!

Even though school is already in full swing this week, at home we are still slowly making the adjustment from the holiday.

The fact that we have in Cape Town been enjoying 'summer holiday weather' this week does not help matters. We still have not taken down the plastic pool- it is quite large, so draining all the water is a long guilt inducing process (I can't bear to watch all that water simply flow away, considering the water-shortages in so many parts of the world). We shall therefore only take it down once we are certain that all the sweltering summer days are behind us.

When fetching the kids from school, the nerve-wracking drive through the blistering heat in the city centre has me completely wilted by the time I get home. So today I joined them in their pool much to their delight. The cool refreshing water revitalised me immediately. I spent a blissful 45 minutes playing with the kids and just lazing about in the water with them before coming inside to prepare dinner.

So with lifted spirits the kids are now tackling their homework- and they are certainly being much more productive than they would have been had they not enjoyed their rejuvenating afternoon splash.

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