Monday, 10 June 2013

A short, but welcome study break - off to Hout Bay we go

Yesterday late afternoon we decided to grant Shakeel (14) a much-needed break from studying. Our stress levels had been running quite high all weekend since he is writing Maths, Natural Science, Social Sciences (History and Geography), English and Life Orientation this week.

We headed off to Snoekies in Hout Bay for a very late lunch. Since I hadn't been there in quite a while, I was pleasantly surprised to see that they now also make provision for those of us with a sweet tooth by selling a tiny assortment of little cakes and coffee. Since I was in no mood for seafood and chips yesterday, I was really happy to make dessert the highlight of my meal.

After lunch (which was really closer to supper time) we headed off to the sand dunes as we usually do, as the prospect of running and leaping down the dunes is the main reason the kids want to come to Hout Bay. But, by the time we headed in the direction of the beach, the temperature had dropped considerably and, to our surprise even Aisha (3), who has a serious aversion to long-sleeves, asked for a jacket (since I hadn't packed one for her, she was contented to drown in her dad's).

The kids were disappointed that their plans to tackle the dunes had been foiled, so - to make it up to them - we headed off to KFC to get avalanches for the older 3 and a small ice-cream for Aisha (since it is never too cold for ice-cream apparently).

As we headed around the bend out of Hout Bay, entering Llundudno, we were - as we usually are - completely taken aback by the spectacular views. We pulled over to the side of the road just adjacent to the spot where the most impressive African art and sculptures were being sold, where we enjoyed our dessert.

And then, as usual, Aisha could not finish her ice-cream. When I reprimanded her for wasting food, she retaliated by throwing my own words back at me, "But ice-cream is unhealthy," she chided. "Why did you buy it for me? You are naughty, mommy - you know it will make me sick."

Despite the cold, the children enjoyed playing on the grass patch while we admired the views (which will really never - no matter how many times one witnesses it - cease to amaze).

Although brief, the afternoon was lovely and served to rejuvenate Shakeel, which allowed him to study for a further 2 hours.

I pray that he and all the other learners writing exams this week achieve excellence in all their tests.