Tuesday, 18 June 2013

A laid-back and non-lethal Father's Day for Mo this year

This year's Fathers Day was much simpler, more laid-back - and far less potentially disastrous -  than last year's (remember this post?). There were no fires, flammable liquids or life-threatening situations providing colour and excitement to the day, but somehow, the kids' efforts were still as memorable as they always are.

On Saturday afternoon the kids and I roamed about Canal Walk mall to find him a present on their limited budget. I'm really proud to say that they paid for his gifts with their own money, which they earned from their bird-breeding business (which I blogged about here a while back). 

Fortunately their dad was easy to please - we knew that he had been planning to get himself another pair of cufflinks for a while now. Everyone also knew about his love for Pringles and Ferreira Rocha chocolates. So, carefully counting their pennies, the kids managed to scrape together enough for his Father's Day gifts.

Nuha (8) put in so much effort with the decorations

The rest of them prepared breakfast

and wrapped the gifts

Nuha also made a lovely card for her dad

and, in Nuha's own unique and thoughtful style, she included "something nice" for him in the card

Nuha's card

Not forgetting her medal to "the best daddy in the world"

Though getting it over his head presented a bit of a challenge

Mo admiring his cufflinks

The rest of the day was really relaxed, which was exactly what their overworked dad needed.

Wishing all hardworking and loving dads a belated Happy Father's Day!!

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