Monday, 10 September 2012

Friday evening at Sea Point with Maama

On Friday evening we decided to grant the kids a break from their formal assessment preparations and studying. (As opposed to them ''stealing'' unscheduled breaks by switching on the TV while we aren't looking).

So off we headed to Roman's Pizza in town.

The most exciting part of the outing was the fact that Maama (Mo's mum) was with. The poor woman was not granted a moment's peace, as the kids excitedly bombarded her with their overwhelming enthusiasm.

''Maama, look at this picture!'' they'd yell, practically thrusting a phone into the poor woman's face.

They showed Maama a video clip of Aisha (2) dancing to the song ''I'm sexy and I know it'', which was blaring from the next-door neighbour's home (since, not even shutting all the windows can keep out the party next door once they get started, Aisha must have thought ''if you can't beat them, join them''). Maama and the kids shrieked with laughter at the way Aisha shamelessly shook her body on the video clip.

We drove off to Sea Point to have supper by one of the parks.

On the way, the kids started to talk about their late grandfather (Mo's dad). They still miss Pappa so dearly. Maama reminded us that it has been more than a year since Pappa had died. And that prompted Aisha's stream of never-ending questions.

''Pappa died? Why did Pappa die?''

''Because he was sick,'' we answered.

''Why was he sick?'' she asked.

''He was really old,'' Maama explained patiently.

''Where is he now?'' she persisted.

We hesitated. This question was complicated and could lead to a myriad of other questions.

'' Erm, he's by Allah (God),'' Mo answered.

''Where?'' she persisted.


She persisted, ''Where's Mr Pappa? Isn't he with his penguins?''

Trying to keep a straight face and clearly relieved at the change of subject, Mo answered. '' Oh yes. Don't worry - Mr Popper is with his penguins.''


Since it was almost time for Maghrib (sunset prayers), the kids - in order to maximise their outdoor playtime- opted to brave the cold and have their pizza in the park.


We watched them from the car, while admiring the beautiful sunset. The indescribable view from the car had us captivated in silent awe. Maama, who is a seasoned traveller, echoed the views of so many when she marvelled with admiration at, what she described as Cape Town's unrivalled beauty.


After a mere 30 minutes, we rushed the kids back into the car (to the expected moans, arguments and begging cries of ''Just five more minutes, Mommy. Okay then, just one more minute! Pleaaaase!'')

We arrived back home to catch the last few rays of light in the sky. I tried to capture the beauty of the pinkish-orangey hues on camera, but sadly, I am very lacking in skill as a photographer. (I really should make a point of reading the handbook, which accompanied my new camera).

The kids reluctantly said goodbye to Maama and returned miserably to their studies. Their grandmother, the social butterfly, headed off to her next social engagement for the evening.

What a welcome break from the formal assessment preparations and studies. It's truly amazing how the re-emergence of sunshine and warmer days makes even the dreaded formal assessment period more bearable. I hope we get to spend many more such evenings over the coming warmer months, of which I intend to relish every second.

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