Monday, 11 June 2012

Mommy-daughter time....special moments with my mother

For a while now I've been grumpy about the fact that I don't get to spend alone-time with my mother. There are always other distractions in the form of kids or visitors - my mum is quite a popular lady.

The last time we went to the movies or out shopping together was probably just after Tharaa's birth ten years ago. Since then we only really get to speak to each other in company or while dealing with kids demanding food or nappy changes.

Which is why Friday night was so very special to me. Mo went to watch a movie by himself, while my mother and I were to watch what he assumed would be a girlie movie. I think he was just relieved not to be forced to sit through a movie of my choosing. So, spitefully I chose to watch the thriller ''Gone'' instead.

I so enjoyed being alone with my mother. The movie, though not fraught with the most memorable intrigue and mystery, provided sufficient suspense and stress to my delicate disposition to cause me a stress-headache. I could relate easily to the annoying neurotic nature of the heroine, but not to her stupid bravery. Her audaciousness, as she ventured into the obvious trap set by the villain, had me swearing at her - under my breath though, since I am far too respectful to expose my mum to the vile utterances that sometimes emanate from my foul mouth in times of stress. But once the climactic (albeit predictable) moment of the movie arrived, my efforts to contain my vulgarity, resulted instead in me grasping my mum's poor arm in a vicious grip, which tightened progressively as the suspense increased.

I cannot wait to have another such mother-daughter evening. However she feels that, should we watch another suspense thriller, we need only pay for one seat, since I spent the entire movie practically on her lap. Always so thrifty and clever, this mother of mine.


Thecolouredfulwife said...

LOL, just had to laugh at the part about you spending most of the time om your mother's lap.

My mom is all the way in the eastern cape and reading this post made me miss her even more!!

themotherblogger said...

Oh shame, I can't imagine how difficult that must be. I hope you at least get to see her a couple of times a year.

Anonymous said...

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