Monday, 4 June 2012

Have you met Poseidon / Smurfie?

On Saturday night Mo surprised the kids by bringing home yet another pet - a budgie. Initially I was a bit miffed at not having been consulted, but after holding it in my hands, I melted. Feeling its little heart racing with fear, evoked my protective instinct and I couldn't help but try my utmost to make it feel safe and protected. After a few minutes it was nestling cosily in my hand, and while I stroked its head, its eyes closed sleepily.
It was so precious.                                                             

Immediately we named him/her Smurfie because of its pretty blue colour. But its colour made Shakeel (13) feel that s/he should be named Poseidon because the name denotes strength (of the ocean). He insisted that the reason for our quaker parrot's strong personality is that he is simply living up to his name - Titan. So we played around with  the name Poseidon for a few hours but this was later shortened to Possie.  (However with Aisha (2)'s mispronunciations of this word, it soon became apparent that we'd be facing many horrified gasps at our baby's vulgarity should we stick with this nickname).

For now, Smurfie / Poseidon is settling in well and is claiming his/her place in the backyard.

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