Thursday, 20 October 2011

Introducing myself, the stay-at- home mom

I opted to stay at home with my baby (who is now 23 months old) and have thus undertaken all the horrors that come with having made this choice. I refer here not only to my last-born, who is capable of throwing an hour-long tantrum without breaking a sweat,but to the duty I dread, namely housework.

Since staying home, I have learned things about myself and have found a new hero in my life. I have learned that not only am I no domestic goddess- I actually am a really appalling housekeeper. No matter how hard I try, the place just always looks as if a hurricane has swept through it.

Which brings me to my new hero- the woman who comes in once a week to clean. I watch her with a mixture of admiration and envy- how does she make it look so easy?Tasks I take a full day to accomplish, she breezes through effortlessly within the space of an hour (and that includes her leisurely cup of tea in between). Which adds to my already-overwhelming feelings of inadequacy.

And then there's the main activity which takes up most of the time during my day- managing and appeasing the baby. Up until a few months ago, she was the sweetest, most delightful little thing. Then she discovered something that would turn my life upside down- free will. Which in itself is not the problem- the problem would be the tantrums she throws to ensure that she gets her way. But I don't have the strength to go into that now- just thinking about it starts my heart palpitations. Oh, I think I hear her waking up. Is it normal that that scares me a little?

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