Wednesday, 14 March 2012

I feel good!

I really enjoyed today. No, I didn't do anything spectacular; I didn't win anything, nor did I go anywhere exotic.

Today was one of the very few days during which I did not have to make an effort to feel good. Today it was easy.

Everything lined up to make this day really lovely. My wonderful friend, who is visiting from abroad, popped in with her cute, adorable and friendly baby. I didn't realise how much I missed her until she was here. And then I didn't want her to leave.

I had long since resigned myself to the fact that I don't really have close female friends any longer. My close friendships have waned over the years. It happened gradually and, since life had become so busy, I hadn't really noticed. Until today, that is.

Talking to a friend, laughing, grumbling and supporting - oh how I missed that! Not to have to carry the weight of my concerns and worries inside - bottled up. To be able to share, unburden - the relief of having a sympathetic ear. Someone who understands.

How I missed the relief and lifted spirits caused by laughter (even at our own self-deprecating humour).

I was really sad when she left. I cannot wait for her next visit to SA.

As the day progressed, I started to feel lethargic and physically tired. Fortunately I resisted the temptation to bunk gym. Our routine is still quite unsettled, since we have had so many other commitments during this week. More importantly, on the two other occasions we went to gym (since joining two weeks ago), our main concern has been that two year old Aisha and Nuha (7) would refuse to go to the childcare centre at the gym. To my surprise Aisha happily waddled off toward the toys once we dropped her there, which was a HUGE relief.

Since we are still incredibly unfit, we have limited our workouts to an intense 30 minutes. I spent 10 minutes on the stepping machine, bicycle and treadmill respectively. I really pushed myself on the treadmill- starting off by running (trying to keep up with the super-fit hot babe next to me) for five minutes, after which I adjusted the setting to a steep incline, which I tackled for another five minutes.

Shakeel (12) and Tharaa (10) cycled, stepped and rowed. As with everything else he does, Shakeel really pushed himself, as he is always trying to outdo himself. Tharaa, on the other hand, just kept going because she just loves to be active.

I was so happy when Nuha later informed us that she and Aisha had really enjoyed their stay at the childcare centre. Hopefully this means that we can visit the gym more regularly - without having to worry about whether the younger two are okay.

I left the gym feeling energised and happy.

Normally, at the end of a day, I cannot help the negative thoughts which may creep into my mind - like unpleasant events of the day or anything about which I may be feeling anxious.

But not tonight. I'm not sure about the cause of the positive energy pervading my mind and body. 

I'm just really grateful for the contentment I'm feeling tonight.

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