Monday, 5 December 2011

Alls well that ends well

Sadly Tharaa's plans to take a few friends to the movies and lunch as part of her belated birthday celebration, fell through yesterday.
Though initially disappointed, she quickly cheered up when we promised that we'd go as a family instead. She was such a good sport about it- I'd really expected more sulking.

So off we went to Canal Walk mall to watch Johnny English Reborn. Now I'd love to be able to say that I only appreciate sophisticated and clever Cinema Noveau-type humour, but actually I don't have very discerning taste when it comes to comedy. While I do in fact enjoy very intelligently expressed wit and subtle gentle humour or satire, I am not above roaring with laughter at some sitcom character slipping on a banana peel. Embarrassing, but true.

So I was really looking forward to watching Johnny English. Nuha (6), on the other hand complained continuously that she did not want to watch a 'big-people' movie. But it was Tharaa's day and therefore, her decision.

I was a bit concerned about how Aisha would behave in the movie. Yes, we are of those annoying parents who take our baby to the movies with us , but unlike some of those annoying parents, we don't let her disturb other moviegoers. The moment she makes a peep (which is usually three-quarter way through the movie, just as as the good guy is about to overpower the villain), Mo or I will take her out of the movie theatre. Sometimes she allows us to stand on the entrance ramp to watch the end of the movie, while she plays quietly on the floor.

But not yesterday. "No Daddy- Out! Out da door!" she ordered him. The poor man spent the next half an hour in the foyer of the movie-theatre watching his angel enjoy sliding up and down the shiny slippery tiles.

I remember a time before the kids were born when Mo and I would turn back from the movies, as there had often been nothing new left for us to watch. Now our visits to my happy place are few and far between. We are considering using a baby-sitting service, although financial constraints might be an issue. Or perhaps we can get my mum to babysit at a discounted rate- I justify my request for a discount with my assumption that she would derive some pleasure from spending time with her noisy, messy and quarrelsome grandchildren (okay, suddenly it seems unfair to ask for that discount).

This visit to the movie with friends would have been Tharaa's third little celebration of her birthday; the first was just a little party at home and the second took place at my mum's place with her cousins. 

My question as to why the first little party had not sufficed, was met with incredulous stares from both her and her brother.
"Mommy, this isn't just any birthday. This one's special- obviously". Was I missing something? She wasn't sixteen, this wasn't her 21st, nor her crown birthday. So bravely I asked, "What is special about this birthday?"

"Mommy!" (eyeroll) "This birthday is special because I turned a double-digit- obviously".

Obviously. Excuse me for being clueless.

So now I think we have finally reached the last of Tharaa's birthday celebrations of her first double-digit birthday. I'm not complaining though- I plan to savour every second I get to spend with them creating memories; and I even look forward to her week-long celebration of her second double digit birthday next year.

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