Tuesday, 1 October 2013

My lovely (sometimes crazy) relatives gather to celebrate my baby brother's wedding

Yes, I know - my brother is well on his way to his one-month wedding anniversary already and I am just managing to draft a post on Part 2 of the wedding day celebrations, which I promised in my previous post. I know it is probably no longer of interest but a promise is a promise, so here goes...

Whereas in the previous post, I focused on the formalities and 'formal posing', here I just want to share pics of our family and friends at the reception - all of whom made the day so special.

Here I am - deep in conversation with my cousin whom I just do not see often enough. Growing up, we spent numerous splendid carefree holidays lazing about in the sun at Sonesta, while eyeing the cute lifeguard in the blue speedo. Isn't it sad that now, years later, we only get to see each other on special occasions?

My sis-in-law looking contemplative

My brother (the groom) though generally a happy chappy - was even happier than usual on their big day.

My brother receiving well wishes from my late father's brother

My late father's beautiful sister (brown scarf) chatting to Uncle Sonny (my dad's youngest brother)

My dad's brother and his wife

I love sis-in-law's Spanish-type snood - I should get myself one.

Now I cannot possibly write about that day - or any occasion at which this woman is present - without mentioning my insane  interesting cousin Yusraah. Now I was about to say that every family has a Yusraah, but that would be inaccurate, since I think she is undoubtedly one of a kind. You know - the person who shocks you, makes you cringe and inevitably laugh until your sides hurt with her outrageous comments and behaviour - the boisterous, fun-loving life of any party.

I remember 10 years ago at my other brother's wedding, she kept on calling the photographer to take pictures of her as she shook her shiny mane and pouted for the camera. This time around, there was no shaking of her luscious locks as she was donning her hijab, which is meant to cover her beauty, but in this case simply could not successfully restrain all this sexiness ( which is a bit much to expect from a piece of fabric in her case).

So for much of this day, I was Yusraah's main focus - since I was the one carrying the camera. Whenever she caught my eye, she automatically struck a pose - and I willingly obliged (it is, after all, not every day I get to photograph a subject of this calibre).

(excuse the poor quality of some of these pictures - they were taken hurriedly as I was starting to feel ridiculous taking pictures of the same person all the time (especially since that person wasn't the bride) - I had no idea what my brother's new in-laws were thinking of this spectacle!).

The wedding was but the side-show - we all knew who the real star of the day was

She's completely nuts, but we love her all the same

Yes, even as she was leaving - she caught my eye through the railings (which was my cue to take a photo) - ignoring my warning that she looked like a jailbird behind bars

And - one for the road - here she actually stepped into the middle of the road and waited until she caught my attention to take a pic. Pure unadulterated sexiness.

Now back to the more normal members of my family

My brother and his wife being all lovey dovey

Mo (my husband) with Aisha (3) attached to him

The new little family - such cuteness

 I love how my youngest brother always seems to look at the older one with such admiration/respect. He never looks at me that way *sniff*

With Uncle Sonny, my dad's brother

My dad's fun-loving family - even lining up to pose for a photo is a dramatic event - and who needs the bridal couple anyway?

With my mum looking lovely in black and turquoise

Looking back at these pictures, I'm reminded of what a joyous day this was. It was so wonderful having both sides of our extended family present. I must add, though, that I just focused on my dad's side, since my mother's family really values their privacy and I don't think they'd have appreciated  having their pictures splashed all over the internet. But EVERYONE present added to the beauty of the occasion in their own special way and we really loved having them celebrate the day with us.

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