Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Day 3 of our Garden route holiday - Noetzie splendour, chilling on Plettenberg Bay whale tail bench and fun on the Goukamma river bridge

On Sunday (Day 3 of our Garden route holiday) we headed off to Plettenberg Bay.

Since the day was already promising to be a scorcher from early on, we thought we'd spend the day at the beach and simply grab something to eat (from KFC or McDonalds) which were the only halal establishments of which we knew on that side of the world.

We checked out the Knysna Lagoon and caught a brief glimpse of the Knysna Waterfront.

And then we were on our way.

While driving toward Plett, Mo suddently caught a glimpse of the Noetzie signboard and promptly made a U-turn, insisting excitedly that this beach was something he had to share with us. We grumbled and groaned - none of us felt like enduring scenic detours; we simply wanted to get to the Plett and immerse ourselves in the ocean as soon as possible.

But off to Noetzie we went. I found the road to our new destination to be disturbing. There were corrugated iron shacks on our left, clearly indicating the severe poverty prevalent in that area. The dirt road to took a gentle curve to the left when, to our surprise, we saw this guy

and this one

and this one.

A km or two further, in sharp contrast to the poverty, one finds the luxurious Pezula estate. The secure opulent properties had us in awed silence as we surveyed the little we could see of the playground of the incredibly wealthy. Check out their rates here - just for laughs.

Imagine this being your holiday house...!!!

On the walk down toward the beach, one can see this beautiful river with its splendid surroundings.

And then we encountered what the kids describe as ''the best beach in the world!!!''
Shakeel (13) later described it to my mum as being one of those beaches one sees on postcards or in magazines which makes one long to be there. I knew exactly what he meant. I could not believe the beauty before my eyes. The pristine exquisite beach with its soft powdery sand and clear blue waters had me overcome with emotion. I did not know what I had done to deserve the wondrous experience of being in immersed in such beauty. I felt so blessed. At that moment I really wished that my mum and brothers were there to share in this experience with me as well.



The Noetzie castles on the beach !!!!!


Clear blue sky - exquisite

Funnily enough, the kids chose to spend more time in the river which runs onto the beach, than in the sea.


We spent most of our day at Noetzie and it was indeed splendid. But, Mo was determined to show us Plettenberg bay that day, so we headed out to the same spot where he remembers having spent many pleasurable hours in his childhood. But sadly, it was not the same. The place was packed and not as clean and beautiful as he remembered it to have been.

So off we headed to a different part of Plettenberg Bay, where we took family pics (without Aisha (3) who was sulking in the car next to us).

Overlooking Lookout Beach

Chilling on a whale's tail


On our way back to Sedgefield, we stopped off to admire the absolutely magnificent beauty of the Goukamma river. And, of course, we snapped some pics from (and on) one of the bridges passing over it.

The river borders the Blackwaters River Lodge

Having some fun on the quiet bridge


And then off we headed back to Sedgefield, exhausted from an entire day of fun and wonder. How blessed I felt at having had the opportunity to witness such beauty and splendour. 

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