Thursday, 13 December 2012

Holiday departure hiccups

We were meant to leave for our holiday to Sedgefield at 05:00 am. It is now 12:38pm and we are still waiting for our car to return from the mechanic.

On Monday Mo dropped it off for clutch- and other minor -repairs . To make a long frustrating story short, problems with manufacturers of the various parts which had to be replaced, meant that the car, which was supposed to be done some time yesterday afternoon, is still at the workshop.

The owner of the spares shop, who sold Mo the faulty part in the first place, had to make a few calls to get the correct part. When it became apparent that he would not be able to find one, Mo said he would try to get the part elsewhere. The guy could just refund him for the amount he had paid for the faulty one. The shop owner then asked Mo how much he would be reimbursed for making the effort to get the right part, i.e. for all the calls he'd made. He suggested an amount of R150.

Is it just me, or is that guy insane?

Anyway, moving along - we have just been told that the car will be ready by 13:00.

The kids are driving me insane with their incessant whining (''When are we leaving? Why is daddy taking so long?'')

I shudder at the thought of spending 8 hours in the car with them - with nowhere for me to run and lock myself away.

Mo is now at the mechanic trying to hurry them along. But my mum cautioned him against pissing off the guy who is checking our brakes.

I won't be taking my laptop along, but will try to post some pics using Mo's Galaxy tab.

I pray that everyone travelling this holiday arrives safely at their respective destinations.

[Please excuse the clumsily-written post - right now I'm supposed to be making the kids lunch so that they don't moan and grumble too much on the road].

Happy holidays everyone!!!


Angelique said...


Enjoy the holidays and I hope that it's extra special after all the drama you're having with your car!!

Safe Driving!!


Savouring mommy moments said...

Thanks Angelique. It was awesome indeed!
Hope you are having a wonderful holiday.