Monday, 8 October 2012

Mum-in-law's strawberry and banana pudding; a R300 Spar voucher up for grabs

Recently the lovely people over at Spar sent me a few vouchers to try out a few products from their Freshline range.
This included a few items from their Fresh Produce section and a few from their bakery.

So off we headed to Spar (Parow) yesterday afternoon. Since we had already had lunch, I decided to purchase some ingredients for a Sunday afternoon dessert, as well as tonight's supper (among other purchases, of course).

At the kids' insistence, I had initially been planning to bake cupcakes to combat their day-before-school-reopens blues (and my own left-alone-with-tantrum-throwing Aisha depression). Now anyone who knows me will tell you how hard I try to maintain some semblance of control over my kids' eating habits. And how miserably I'm failing - as attested to by the sweet and chips packets that come pouring out of their school bags).

So, while I accept that I cannot keep them away from sugar and unhealthy snacks completely, the best I can probably do is to see that I incorporate as much fruit and veg in their diet (among all the other junk).

And that was my excuse to make my Mum-in-law's special strawberry and banana pudding, which is always a huge hit when she makes them for family functions.

She was kind enough to share her recipe:


400g punnet of Freshline strawberries
1-2 (approximately) tablespoons of sugar
4 large ripe (not over-ripe) bananas, sliced into rings
1 tin of Nestle dessert cream
condensed milk (to taste) - I used between 120ml - 130ml

1) Slice strawberries

2) Sprinkle enough sugar to coat. Leave to stand for about a while - it will start to become syrupy.
( I forgot to photograph this step)

3) Add sliced bananas.

4) Add Nestle cream
5) Add condensed milk. Yesterday I only added 120ml of condensed milk because the strawberries were lovely and sweet, but I have, in the past, had to add a bit more when using slightly more sour strawberries. But then, I have a really sweet tooth.

The kids polished it off in no time, while I convinced myself that I had just provided my family with a really nutritious fruity dessert.

Tonight I shall be incorporating some of the Freshline vegetables I purchased, into our dinner (I still haven't decided what it will be, but I'm craving a cheesy veggie bake...yum!).

The good news is that the kind people at Spar also want to give you, my readers, a R300 Spar voucher.
All you have to do is:
Share the name (not necessarily the recipe) of a dish/dessert you'd make, using Freshline products (bakery or fresh produce) in the comments box below. Don't forget to include your email address as well.
Who can enter:
South African residents only (sorry)

Closing date
18 October 2012

 A winner will be chosen from the list of respondents using a randomised selection program and the lucky recipient of the R300 Spar voucher will be contacted via email. If the selected winner doesn’t respond in 48 hours, then I will have to redraw. I will announce the winner as soon as possible on my blog.

Good luck!

This competition is now closed.


Ronald said...

Hi Zubeida

I'd use the Spar Freshline products to make my favourite banana or avocado smoothie.

Great Blog

Anonymous said...

My 10 month old just discovered fresh summer fruits, the other day he almost finished a punnet of strawberries.
My choice for Spar Fresh produce would be nothing better than a delicious mixed fruit trifle.

With many, many layers of fresh fruit!

Anonymous said...

Happen to be trying to find this and learned much more than anticipated in this article. Thanks.

Savouring mommy moments said...

Anonymous- glad you found this helpful.