Thursday, 3 May 2012

It's like living in a cave!

Since just after the birth of my two-year old, spending time on the internet has pretty much been the salvation of this stay-at-home mum. It is my primary (and preferred) method of keeping in touch with other people.

Embarrassingly, I have become quite hooked on keeping abreast of the statuses of my facebook friends (Don't judge! You don't live with my two-year old tantrum queen, the stress of which forces me to resort to escapism in other people's lives). Which is also the reason I enjoy reading blogs - to escape, to learn, to laugh, to find people with whom I can relate, but mainly to be inspired.

And then, of course, there's updating my own blog, which I really enjoy doing.

Recently, however, my Cell C data bundle was depleted and we felt that we'd try a more affordable alternative. So after looking around, Mo opted for the 8ta bundle - which was a brilliant option. Unless you live in our house.

We have discovered that we are now able to get internet reception from ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET except from within our house. I take my laptop onto the porch and am able to receive lightning-speed internet, but the moment I step back inside it disconnects. It is so frustrating!

Yesterday morning, in a moment of desperation, I went out into the front garden and sat crouching upon the wet grass - to check Facebook. I also took my laptop along when I fetched the kids from school, to access Facebook and my favourite blogs while waiting for them in the car.

This morning I even considered taking Aisha (2) along with me while I checked the internet in the comfort of the car - in the driveway. But fortunately sanity prevailed and my poor baby was saved from having to brave the cold for the sake of her mother's crazy addiction.

But I do miss updating my blog regularly. I find myself standing in the shower (where many of my blog posts are formulated), and giggle at potential blog ideas - which, sadly, will never see the light of day. Because by the time I manage to connect to the internet to post them, they would either have been forgotten or their moment of relevance would have passed.

We experienced the same problem when we changed our telephone service provider to Neotel (I once lost connection 6 times within a twenty minute conversation - which necessitated me calling back each time). We are able to get reception on our portable Neotel phone from the houses of family members, but not from our own house. But that does not really bother me, as I am not really a telephone person. I prefer chatting by email or gtalk. (Yes, I know how bad that sounds).

So despite having had the problem with our phone reception as well, it is only now that I cannot access the internet from this house, that I have considered moving. To a house with 3 bedrooms, a fully-fitted kitchen, spacious grounds - and, most importantly, internet access.

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